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Wednesday, January 20

Tutorial : Crack Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 (HJT Team member)

Keep in mind this is PC only.

Step 1:

Download the trial here for KIS 2010 :

(I choose version 2010 then click english)

Open KIS 2010 after downloaded and installed, then go to Settings.
[Image: efp9o4.png]

Now it opens a window, go to options, and untick Self-Defense.
[Image: fkn1bk.png]

Then click apply. Now to exit the program after changes are applied. Go down to your task menu and click exit.
[Image: 2u7t0nq.png]

It may say something like this. If so then just close all open internet connections like browser etc then exit again.
[Image: bg9y8p.png]

Now after you are sure Kaspersky is closed, go to Run --> then regedit
[Image: mj05sx.png]

It will open a page and you'll see all these strings. Don't worry, I'll guide you through it.
[Image: 2znyefr.png]
Go to HKEY_LOCALMACHINE/SOFTWARE/Kasperskylab/protected/av9/environment

Now scroll down to see ProductStatus. It's going to say Release but you need to change it to "Beta" (Without the "").

First click on ProductStatus to highlight it, then go to Edit--> Modify.
[Image: a122o5.png]

Now where it says value data put in Beta then click ok.
[Image: ncczcz.png]

Now just exit out of the registry editor after you are sure you have followed my instructions correctly.

Now go ahead and open KIS again. If you have already installed a key, it will do some weird things, just go to License and delete the key. Go ahead and turn Self-Defense back on now.

Now click on license at the bottom of the KIS 2010 window, click "Activate new license" then select "Activate Beta License" (You need an internet connection for this step).

You will have a 30 day license like shown below (mine is 29 because I used it for a day).
[Image: 29momqo.png]

So it will be activated, it will say Beta but have all the features of the normal version. If you want to get it for another 30 days, over and over (making it unlimited) just do this.

Quote:To reset the license to 30 days, disable Self-Defence, remove existing key in use, restart Kaspersky, and "Activate Beta" once again.
To reset the license to 30 days, disable Self-Defense, remove existing key in use, restart Kaspersky, and "Activate Beta" once again.

-Whoever made the patch, even though I prefer the manual way like shown above

This tutorial is courtesy HJT Team, I am not at all responsible for any ill effect due to this tutorial. User will do any action at own his risk. 

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