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Saturday, February 6

Tutorial : Basic commands in Microsoft Networking, Must know !!

Network is generally means gathering information about domain by using tools like Telnet, NslookUp, Ping, Tracert, Netstat, etc.

It also includes OS Fingerprinting, Port Scaning and Port Surfing using various tools.

Ping :Ping is part of ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) which is used to troubleshoot TCP/IP networks. So, Ping is basically a command that allows you to check whether the host is alive or not.
To ping a particular host the syntax is (at command prompt)--

example:- c:/>ping

Various attributes used with 'Ping' command and their usage can be viewed by just typing c:/>ping at the command prompt.

Netstat : It displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP network connections. i.e. local address, remote address, port number, etc.
It's syntax is (at command prompt)--
c:/>netstat -n

Telnet :Telnet is a program which runs on TCP/IP. Using it we can connect to the remote computer on particular port. When connected it grabs the daemon running on that port.
The basic syntax of Telnet is (at command prompt)--

By default telnet connects to port 23 of remote computer.
So, the complete syntax is-
c:/>telnet port

example:- c:/>telnet 21 or c:/>telnet 21

Tracert : It is used to trace out the route taken by the certain information i.e. data packets from source to destination.
It's syntax is (at command prompt)--
example:- c:/>tracert

Here "* * * Request timed out." indicates that firewall installed on that system block the request and hence we can't obtain it's IP address.

various attributes used with tracert command and their usage can be viewed by just typing c:/>tracert at the command prompt.

The information obtained by using tracert command can be further used to find out exact operating system running on target system.

                                                                    Well-Known Port Numbers 
Port Number Protocol

0 TCP/UDP Reserved
7 TCP/UDP Echo
9 TCP/UDP Discard
11 TCP Systat
13 TCP/UDP Daytime
17 TCP/UDP Quote of the day
19 TCP/UDP Chargen (character generator)
23 TCP Telnet
37 TCP/UDP Time
38 TCP/UDP Route Access Protocol
42 UDP Name Server
43 TCP Whois
49 TCP Login Host Protocol
60 TCP/UDP Unassigned
67 UDP Bootstrap Protocol Server
68 UDP Bootstrap Protocol Client
69 UDP Trivial File Transfer (TFT)
70 TCP Gopher
88 TCP Kerberos
101 TCP/UDP NIC host name server
109 TCP POP2
110 TCP POP3
111 TCP/UDP Sun remote procedure call (Sun RPC)
137 TCP/UDP Netbios name service
138 TCP/UDP Netbios datagram service
139 TCP/UDP Netbios session service
512 TCP Remote process execution
513 TCP Remote login via telnet
514 TCP cmd
749 TCP Kerberos administration port

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