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Tuesday, March 23

How to stop Windows 7 reboot loop -: Little Trick !!

We know pretty well that Windows 7 is a quite new operating system which is still in its RC version and therefore not ready (at the time writing)  for the market and regular not-savvy users. That’s why we should not be surprise if, every now and then it reboots automatically to prevent the computer from being damaged beyond recovery. Such a behaviour is preset by Microsoft and it is triggered upon system failure. Anyway, if you are not a lucky person your Windows 7 may become stuck and therefore enters in a infinite reboot loop, an endless series of  turn-off and turn-on loops without any apparent way to get out of it. Let’s s lean how to stop Windows 7 reboot loop thanks to a little trick!
  1. When your computer starts its next reboot (black screen), just hit F8 on your keyboard a lot of times till you get the Advanced Boot Options screen.
  2. Now, with your arrow keys, select Disable automatic restart on system failure and press Enter.
  3. Well, done!

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