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Sunday, August 14

WallWatcher :Become Really Paranoid By Monitoring Your Network’s Comings & Goings

If you have access to your router, and it’s able to log activity, it’s relatively easy to watch everything that’s going on to try to find any untoward activity. Today I’d like to show you how to set that up on your DD-WRT router and some Windows-only software called WallWatcher (OSX users – you can still use this network traffic monitor software in aParallels virtual machine just fine)


The WallWatcher app.
A router with DD-WRT or similar that allows remote logging.

Installing & Configuring

Download and install the VB runtime files from Microsoft first. If you can’t find the download link, check out the following screenshot of the download page.
Next, create a new folder called WallWatcher and extract the contents of both of the zip files you downloaded into the root of that folder. Run setup.exe when you’re done. If the coloured boxes on the right at the bottom of the page are all blue, click install to continue. If some have errors, make sure you check the box that says install and register library files (OCX). Windows 7 users should have no issues though.
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