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Friday, November 26

Dual-Booting Windows 7 may loose current OS boot option. How to fix it !!!

If you have more than one operating system installed along with your Windows 7 and Windows Vista then you may be aware that the Windows Boot Manager displays the multi OS menu for 30 seconds before choosing the default operating system and boot your PC or Laptop. However, this can be reduced or increased by one simple command from the Command Prompt.

1. Click Start – Run, type “CMD
2. Right-Click CMD and choose “Run As Administrator
3. Type bcdedit /timeout
For instance,
C:\Windows\system32>bcdedit /timeout 10
The operation completed successfully.
where “10″ denotes the timout reset to 10 seconds.
To confirm the change simply type “bcdedit” without any options as follows:
BootManager Timeout Value

Suppose you lost dual booting option after installing new windows as Dual-Boot   your Windows 7 Ultimate with Windows Vista or Windows XP and installed Windows 7 in a seperate hard disk then you would have lost the option to Dual-Boot from your previous OS (say Windows Vista) While you have not lost your Windows Vista, all you need to do is to add a Boot Loader entry into your Windows 7 for Windows Vista or vice versa if you choose to recover your Windows Vista from the CD.
You can simply add the Windows Vista entry to the WIndows 7 Bootloader using a tool like EasyBCD..

or manually add an entry as follows

1. Click Start – Search for cmd. Right-click “CMD” and choose “Run As Administrator“.
2. Run the following commands to create a Boot entry for Windows Vista:
Create a new Entry in the Boot Configuration Data Store
bcdedit /create /d “Windows Vista” /application osloader
This should create an entry for Windows Vista with an identifier like this
Set the device partition & the OS device partition where Windows Vista is installed
bcdedit /set {1dae3673-e12c-11dd-b2e9-99cc767975b5} device partition=C:
bcdedit /set {1dae3673-e12c-11dd-b2e9-99cc767975b5} osdevice partition=E:
E: is where Windows Vista is installed
Set the path for Windows Boot Loader and the System Root
bcdedit /set {1dae3673-e12c-11dd-b2e9-99cc767975b5} path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
bcdedit /set {1dae3673-e12c-11dd-b2e9-99cc767975b5} systemroot \Windows
Set the Display Order on the Boot Menu
bcdedit /displayorder {1dae3673-e12c-11dd-b2e9-99cc767975b5} /addlast
This should help!

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